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If you need a voice for your next project, then look no further!

Hi, I’m George!

I’m a professional voice actor and geek extraordinaire! Starting out my career as just a side hobby, I was inspired by all the cartoons and video games I used to watch and play as a kid and teenager. I was always and still am a curious person, so I wanted to find out how they made all the media I loved! Eventually, I discovered my passion for creation, whether it was writing or acting, and I set out on a goal to become the inspiration for the next generation of kids and teens. I want to fuel the creative passion in others and hope to give the gift of expression and entertainment through my work!

My Home Studio Includes:

Neumann u87 Ai

RME BabyFace Pro FS

Adobe Audition

Gigabit Hardwired Internet

Sound Treated Environment of Broadcast Quality

Source Connect Standard

ADR Ready!


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